YouTube Deletes Almost 4 More Million Views From “Boy With Luv” Music Video

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It has unfortunately happened again!

YouTube has deleted 3,801,146 views of “Boy With Luv” Music Video, making it the third time such a large amount of views were deleted from the video.

“Boy With Luv” Music Video was released on April 12 and became the most viewed video on YouTube in the first 24 hours, it also became the fastest music video to reach the 100 million views on the platform.

However, the road to break these records had been turbulent to ARMY to say the least. The first time YouTube deleted views were back when the music video reached 90 million views.

Fans noticed that the music video suddenly dropped to 80 million views.

The second time it happened was on April 14. Suddenly, “Boy With Luv” went from 117 million views to 113 million views which caused anger among the fandom, again.

The third time it happened is today. On April 17 around 11:00 am KST, the video lost approx. 3,801,146 views

According to many fans, the video was around 148.9 million views and it suddenly dropped to 144.9 million views. Some fans report seeing 3 million views loss while others report seeing 4 million views loss.

Regardless, the fandom is very disappointed and furious with YouTube for continuing to delete views from the music video, they’re demanding Big Hit Entertainment take an action against YouTube for deleting views from “Boy With Luv.”

Here are some of their tweets:

YouTube had previously explained why views can be deducted, here is their answer.

The fandom is still aiming to reach 200 million views quickly to set another record for the boys.

What do you think of this?

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