Two Ways BTS Upcoming Album “Map Of The Soul: Persona” Was Leaked? ARMY Furious

It’s being reported by various ARMYs that BTS upcoming album “Map Of The Soul: Persona” has been leaked.

The first alleged leak to be discussed is the leak associated with Walmart/Target.

Many fans have reported that both stores have been selling the upcoming album ahead of its release date on Friday, April 12. Other ARMYs talked about a girl that allegedly leaked a shipment of the album ahead of its release.

It’s unknown if multiple shops started selling the albums ahead of time or whether one single female worker was the one who leaked the albums ahead of their release.

Some Twitter users talked about a Walmart in Canada that had the album on shelves ahead of its release, some argue that’s where the leak came from. It is said to have been an accident and it’s been contained. However, there is no confirmation from Walmart that such an incident even happened.

The other issue is that a couple of twitter accounts leaked “Boy With Luv” feat. Halsey on the platform. The video also made its way to YouTube where it was uploaded by someone and later deleted; ARMYs saw the posts and immediately sprang into action.

A couple of twitter accounts put out a format of email to send to Big Hit Entertainment to report them the leaks.

The video is shot in a car and it seems that the person in the car was playing the CD; some suspect that the people bought the albums leaked by the female who initially leaked those albums or the stores that put the album on shelves ahead of its release.

ARMY are furious with the possible leaks and are asking other fellow ARMY not to view or engage with those video tweets and to directly report to Big Hit who will take the necessary actions.

How do you feel about this?

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1 thought on “Two Ways BTS Upcoming Album “Map Of The Soul: Persona” Was Leaked? ARMY Furious”

  1. As retail worker in a leadership position, I know it’s very easy for an entry level associate to make a simple mistake. To them, that’s all this is. If they dont know, they dont. In my line of work, we get championship shirts, but if they dont win we have to return them. If someone doesn’t know that, and puts the shirts out it’s a big deal. BUT the minimum wage associate DOESN’T know that. They dont think it’s that important.
    To Sports Teams and Artists, the opposite is true. There are HUGE fines when it comes to putting out product before the official release. If this is true, Walmart will be fined. For now, we just need to do OUR due diligence.


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