TWICE Dome Tour In Tokyo Brings In A Jaw Dropping $18 Million In Revenue

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TWICE first ever dome tour was a huge success!

TWICE set a new record becoming the first Kpop girl group to hold multi-city dome tours in Japan. Previously KARA became the first to hold a dome show at Tokyo Dome back in 2013 but TWICE is the first to be able to tour multiple cities in Japan to perform at Domes.

They performed in Osaka at the Kyocera Dome for two nights (March 20 and 21) and performed at Tokyo Dome for two nights as well (March 29 and 30). They’re also set to perform at the Nagoya Dome on April 6.

According to Billboard, JYP had told them tickets for the five concerts sold out in one minute, a total of 210,000 people will attend all the shows.

With such staggering numbers, it is estimated that the profit for JYP girl group TWICE dome concerts in Japan has exceeded expectations.

On March 29 and March 30 more than 100,000 fans showed up to the concerts. As previously reported, the tickets were completely sold out including sales form cinema broadcasts, merchandise and Tower Record’s Live.

Revenue generated from tickets sold for the two days of concert (in Tokyo) is estimated to be around $9 million. Cinema’s broadcast pays around $34 per broadcast while Tower Records Live pays about $24 per broadcast.

Including broadcasts and total merchandise sold for the two days counted, the total profit adds up to $18 million.

That is not counting revenue from Kyocera Dome concerts or the upcoming Nagoya Dome concert.

Congrats TWICE!

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