Senior Police Officer Given BIGBANG Concert Tickets, Seungri Denies Involvement


On April 1, it was revealed that Senior Superintendent Yoon was given BIGBANG concert tickets.

Senior Superintendent Yoon is currently under investigation and has been booked for leaking official confidential information, he has been booked now for violating the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act.

Why is it a big deal to receive concert tickets you ask?

That’s because there is a law in South Korea called the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act (often referred to as the Kim Young Ran Act) which is a law that prohibits individuals from giving or receiving bribes or gifts that are worth more than 50,000 won. This a law created to prevent corruption.

Initially, it was reported that Seungri gave the tickets but police have now stated that the tickets were not given by Seungri but by Yoo In suk. The statements of Yoo In Suk and Senior Superintendent Yoon are in agreement with this statement.

During questioning, Seungri stated that he had never given a ticket to Yoon himself. It’s being reported that Seungri told the police he gave out invitations to Yuri Holdings employees, he suspects that Yoo In Suk gave delivered the tickets. Seungri also says that he had no idea the tickets went to Yoon.

The police also revealed they have not booked Senior Superintendent Yoon wife yet, the police added they need to investigate further (like verify the value of the tickets they been given) before booking her on the charges of violating the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act.

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Seungri Has Been Booked On More Additional Charges Of Embezzlement

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