On April 8, it was reported that Roy Kim is set to arrive at Incheon International Airport on April 9. The report states that he had also contacted a security company for his arrival.

Roy Kim is still in the United States where he’s studying at Georgetown University, he was set to graduate this May but it’s unknown what will happen to his degree considering all the ongoing controversy.

On April 2, it was first reported that Roy Kim was one of the celebrities in Jung Joon Young chatroom. On the next day, police revealed in an official statement that his status was changed from a witness to a suspect; he was booked on the suspicion of spreading illegally taken footage.

He was also notified that he must return to his country as soon as possible to go under police investigation.

His agency had released a statement saying he’s working on adjusting his schedule to return to Korea as soon as possible to go under police investigation.

But why hire a security company you ask?

That’s because he’s in one of the biggest celebrity controversies that had ever happened in South Korea. Similarly, Jung Joon Young was overseas filming for a variety show when the news about his controversial chatrooms first broke out.

Back then, he also returned to his country shortly after the first report was made. However, he faced a very huge scene at the airport and he was unprepared, dozens of reporters with huge cameras were waiting for his arrival, this resulted in shoving and serious crowding as reporters swarmed the place to ask him questions.


Jung Joon Young looked terrified and had been accidentally hit by cameras due to the overcrowding situation, it was not easy for him to get out of the airport.

It appears that Roy Kim is trying to avoid a similar situation happening to him by hiring assistance to prevent it. He is one of the most famous reputable ballad singers of South Korea; his involvement in the controversy caused a huge shock to fans.

Stay tuned for updates!

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