Police Confirms Receiving Testimonies Relating Seungri To Prostitution Allegations Made Against Him


On April 1st, a press conference of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency was held. Commissioner Won Kyung hwan spoke at the conference and provided explosive updates regarding Seungri’s case.

In the press conference, it was revealed that Seungri along with his former business partner Yoo In Suk were charged with occupational embezzlement.

The commissioner has also confirmed the police have acquired testimonies that linked Seungri to prostitution mediation.

A senior police official said,

“We have confirmed some of the allegations [around Seungri] about prostitution mediation. Several people have been investigated in relation to the case for the past two weeks.

Among them were four to five women.

We have received a statement that there were circumstances of Seungri providing prostitution services.”

Adding to that, the police are still checking to confirm if the mediated prostitution services by Seungri were in exchange for investment, as well as where the locations of the prostitution took place.

Due to the ongoing investigation, the police added that they couldn’t reveal how many have been charged.

It was also revealed that the police have completed comparing and analyzing the messages from the infamous group chatroom as well as the documents they received from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, they will use this to check the authenticity of the messages.

The allegations against Seungri prostitution mediation were first brought up by an exclusive report by SBS FunE on February 26. They first reported on messages that contained evidence of Seungri ordering employees to find prostitutes for a foreign investor back in 2015.

Seungri had previously denied the allegations of prostitution made against him in a lengthy interview claiming his innocence.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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