Police And Label SJ Issue Official Responses To Allegations Made Against Super Junior Kangin

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Super Junior Kangin agency Label SJ has finally issued an official response to rumors that he had been in a chat group with Jung Joon Young.

The rumors were initially brought up following a report on March 28 that revealed there were additional singers in Jung Joon Young chatrooms, singer K, Model L and singer J.

Netizens began digging around to find the identity of these men and discovered that Jung Joon Young was in a variety show with Super Junior Kangin, Jinwoon and Model Lee Chul Woo.

Fans had been demanding an official response from the agency since then, on April 3rd, Label SJ responded with an official statement.

“Hello. this is Label SJ’s statement regarding Kangin.

Its true he had been in a temporary chatroom with Jung Joon Young when starring on the variety show with him.

He cannot remember what other actors posted or talked about since the program was three years ago.

Kangin says he has never filmed or distributed illegal video footage at all.

He has also never been contacted by any investigation agency either, but if there is a request for cooperation, he’ll actively cooperate.”

Later, a source from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency told Hankyung.com that they have no plans of investigating Kangin,

“We have never investigated Kangin and have no plans in the future.”

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