JYJ Park Yoochun held an emergency press conference to address the rumors surrounding his involvement with his former fiancé Hwang Ha Na, she had claimed a celebrity coerced her to use illegal drugs and netizens have been suspecting her ex-fiancé.

Here is his translated statement:

“Hello, this is Park Yoochun.

I had a lot of thoughts and anxieties before I got here; it was a very hard time.

But the courage to make this decision was because I thought it was right for me to be honest about everything.

I was being treated for depression. I have undergone a long investigation and have been legally proven innocent, but I have had a painful time with social punishment, moral guilt, and shame.

I thought I could be self-centered, reflective, and thus be able to start again, but I was caught in the thought of wanting to die.

I could not sleep and I was looking for alcohol at times when I couldn’t forgive myself. I was treated for depression at a clinic, and there were many days when I could barely fall asleep with prescribed sleeping pills.

I never used drugs; I was so scared by the idea that I would be named the celebrity who gave Hwang Ha Na drugs when I saw the reports and details about the investigation.

I never used drugs, but I was afraid of being turned into someone who uses drugs.

I was afraid that no matter how hard I tried to deny it, there would be no way for me not to become that.

But I did not do drugs at all, and I thought I’d have to tell you this myself, even if I were to be investigated by the investigating agency.

First of all, I decided to break up with Hwang Ha Na early last year, and we broke up after separation. I was harassed after receiving threats from Hwang Ha Na, but she liked me and stayed by my side when I thought the world had turned on me back in 2017, I felt sorry.

That’s why I would apologize, comfort her and listen to her when she came to my house or suddenly contacted me after we broke up.

It was very painful at the time, and I’ve often fell asleep with the prescribed sleeping pills. I knew that she was also taking sleeping pills because of depression, but I have nothing to do with it.

She never talked to me about her history of drug use or ever took illegal drugs in front of me. After we broke up, she kept telling me that her depression got worse and that she hated me.

I also found out through the reports, I felt very sad and surprised.

However, I never used drugs or even encourage using it. I criticize myself every day and endure the pain so I am able to act again and have activities.

I cannot imagine even thinking of using drugs because that would make all of my efforts go to nothing.

I will go to the police station and be investigated diligently.

I came here with a desperate heart, I am afraid if I’m found guilty of the suspicions that would be more problematic than having to stop my activities as celebrity Park Yoochun , that would make my whole life unjust.

Thank you very much for coming here and listening to my story.”

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You can check out the video of his statement below: