Momoland fans are not happy after spotting member Yeonwoo wearing extremely tight clothes at recent music show appearance. 

Yeonwoo looked radiant in short shorts posing in front of M Countdown wall ahead of rehearsals, but fans noticed how tight they were. The shorts even left marks on her belly and were pushing her skin. 

The shorts buttons also looked like they were about to pop off despite Yeonwoo slim body.  

Fans began criticizing the stylist for dressing Yeonwoo in uncomfortable clothes and demanded the stylist dresses her in more appropriate and better fitting outfits.

Its worthy to note that idols are usually dressed by their stylist/s that the agency assigns them, many idols don’t get to choose their own outfits, there are idols who have more creative freedom but many idols are usually dressed by their stylist. 

Here are some of their comments: 

[+645, -52] Aren’t her pants too small? That doesn’t seem healthy for her ㅡㅜ

[+410, -31] Her pants look so uncomfortable ㅠㅠ 

[+31, -1] I feel bad for her ㅋㅋ She’s the butt of jokes for the rest of her life because of a senior she doesn’t even know that well 

[+22, -2] Now that’s just way too small. It won’t be healthy for her because it restricts blood flow. Coordi, if you’re reading this, please dress her in a bigger size ㅠㅠ 

What do you think of this?  

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  1. I would agree based off the picture. It looks very uncomfortable and inappropriate, a woman can be sexy without all of this. This is neither sexy or classy.

    The stylist and labels need a lesson in what is feminine, what is classy and what is draws attraction…as a female this is not a good representation.

    Where an artist cannot speak up, it’s up to the fans. Right now, in light of Korea’s issue with the #Metoo movement, labels need to take a page from the book of moderation. Women have feelings, and looking at this picture…I felt uncomfortable for her. You can’t sit down in these shorts withiut the risk of you bottom poking out…yeah, just not put together with any thought or care at all.

    Stylist please do better. Fans shouldn’t be telling you how to do your job. Momoland label, they already owe you money, so you might as well increase their allotment for wardrobe…what do you think. Don’t be accused of sexually victimizing your female artists…by way of how they are dressed, just to make a profit or get more followers…remember these young ladies are someone daughter, sister, cousin, grandchild…they are role models to a host of younger girls….come on let’s be sensible.

  2. It really looks uncomfortable for her but does the mld stylist listen to the mmlnd fans concern or even thought about it first before they made them wear their outfits? I don’t know if the girls are really alright since they aren’t that open to the public.


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