NCT127 is currently in New York; however, they’ve been through some unpleasant incidents.

The first one is about a man who gave Mark the middle finger for no apparent reason, the moment was captured by a fan and has seriously angered NCT fandom.

The video:

The boys were in Time Squares sightseeing and according to various fans, people kept asking them if they were BTS, the boys had to explain they were NCT not BTS.

According to many fans, the boys were being asked rudely by those around them who thought they were BTS.

The fan loudly said that the boys are called NCT and the boys cheered her on when they heard her.

Watch the clip below:

A fan captured a moment in which Mark apologized for not being BTS, he said,

“I’m sorry, we are not BTS.”

The video has gone viral since then and fans are both angry and sad by both incidents.

What do you think of this?