Kpop group MustB Involved In Car Accident, Manager Dies 

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Rookie boy group MustB has been involved in a car accident on April 21st at approximately 03:40 am KST, the manager, who was driving the car, passed away.

Manager Son (36 years old) sustained serious injuries during the accident and was transported to a nearby hospital but was later announced dead because of his injuries.

Four of the members received minor injuries and are being treated for it as well as the staff member. The other members weren’t in the car when the accident occurred. MustB is a seven-member group.

Police are analyzing the vehicle black box and are looking into the possibility of the accident happening because the manager fell asleep.

Our condolences to the manager’s family.

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My Personal Thoughts

I wanna start off by offering my condolences to the manager family and friends.

I honestly have never heard of them before this by my heart aches for them. What I don’t understand is the need to make the boys work until so late at night and not only that but to also make their manager drive them back home when he’s been looking after them and working just as hard if not harder since he’s managing them.

I know that a manager job is extremely difficult but the least the agency could do as a humane agency is to either hire a driver for night shifts or get a designated driver for situations when the manager is too tired to drive. The accident is sad and it could have been a lot a lot worse, four or five other people could have also lost their lives beside the poor manager who was just doing his job.

I am really upset. I thought that after Ladies Code terrible accident agencies would pay better attention but its also stupid of me to assume some even think that far. As far as I recall calling a temp driver doesn’t cost much, many call them when they’re too drunk to drive home, it’s cheap and still a better option than what happened today. My heart aches for the young manager… RIP.

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  1. I don’t know the group but my prayers are with manager’s family and other people involved in accident. I hope they all recover fast and good ❤

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