Hallyu star Ji Chang Wook discharge date is finally here!

On April 27 around 08:30 a.m. KST, the actor was discharged from his base. He enlisted back in August 2017 and has been serving as the assistant trainer at the 3rd division to the 5th Artillery Brigade in Cheolwon-gun, Kangwon-do.

On April 27, fans gathered at his base with signs waiting for his discharge. He welcomed them with a wide smile and spoke briefly to the press.

Check out some of the photos below:



Ji Chang Wook is considering a couple of projects for now but as his agency previously stated there is nothing set in stone, he hasn’t confirmed for any drama or movie project yet. Fans are eagerly waiting for news of his first post-military-discharge project.

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Welcome back Wookie, we missed you so much!


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