Jeon Somi’s Debut Undecided, The Black Label Responds

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Former I.O.I member Jeon Somi’s debut is not happening on May 1st as previously revealed.

On April 29, Sports Dong-A reported that Jeon Somi’s debut has been delayed till the end of May citing ‘internal issues’ as the reason for postponing her debut.

The industry source reported that her debut was delayed due to many recent events. Initially, fans suspected the ongoing issues with YG Entertainment as the reason.

However, not long after the initial report was released, her agency (The Black Label) released a statement clarifying the album production is complete but the timing of her debut hasn’t been decided yet, they also added the music video hasn’t been filmed yet as well.

Fans became curious as the initial debut date of Jeon Somi was slowly approaching yet there were no photo or video teasers or any statement from the company.

Fans who have been waiting for her solo debut have mixed emotions.

How do you personally feel about this?

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My Personal Thoughts

Man, her debut has been delayed for sooooo long it almost feels like its never happening!

When Jeon Somi signed with The Black Label I was skeptic, personally speaking, I wouldn’t choose YG subsidiary company or YG itself if I want to advance my musical career if I were still a rookie.

Personally, I knew I was going to write such an article the moment I wrote the article of her debut date confirmed.

YG is notorious for that and known for not delivering as initially stated, it would’ve been more shocking if she actually debuted on May 1st.

The Black Label is led by Teddy who is a producer that helped shape YG. I understand the reasons he wanted to open his label but from my own personal perspective/experience, his label will never grow if he remains a part of YG itself.

Let me explain before you bash me.

PSY left in 2018 to start his own agency. It’s a well-known fact that you need to concentrate your efforts on one thing to get the results you want. Staying in an agency and producing for their artists while establishing your own as well and working there on your artists is bound to consume a lot of your time.

It’s not like there are two copies of Teddy. He works with BLACKPINK and it was revealed he worked on Jeon Somi debut song.

This is what I meant when I said his label will struggle to grow if he chooses to remain part of YG mainly because he’ll never have enough time to devote his energy towards building his own agency.

This inherently means that artists under his label will struggle especially if they personally cannot produce or write their own songs. Zion.T is under Teddy’s label but Zion.T works on his own music, can Jeon Somi do the same when she’s so young?

I sincerely hope that Jeon Somi had thought this through before signing with The Black Label; I hope she looked beyond the labels or the fame attached to being part of YG (nowadays it’s not as strong or powerful but still). I hope that she realized whats risky signing with YG subsidiary; I sincerely hope she chose well. Only time will tell!

If I were Jeon Somi, I would’ve chosen a mid-size company that could give me comebacks regularly and promote me better. Anyways, fighting Jeon Somi!

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