Jennie Criticized For Being ‘Unprofessional’ Onstage; BLACKPINK Criticized For Alleged Lip Syncing| Where Is The Truth?

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A recent video has sparked a debate online between fans; the video in question is taken from BLACKPINK’s concert in Illinois.

The concert was held on April 24, the girls were performing “Don’t Know What To Do” when some fans noticed a couple of things that drew criticism.

The first one being the most obvious, Jennie left the stage during the song performance. She had started the song holding onto her top; it appears that there was a serious wardrobe malfunction, she appeared nervous and disoriented.

She sang her part and after wondering what to do for a couple of seconds got off the stage to fix the issue, she then got back within less than a minute and the performance carried on.

Jennie drew criticism because of the way she handled the wardrobe malfunction, a lot of netizens pointed out that she should have tried to carry on with the performance and then get it fixed once the song ended.

The second issue was the alleged lip syncing, many have noticed that towards the beginning of the song, the girls’ voices are heard but the mic is nowhere near their lips.

Lip syncing in concerts is frowned upon since fans expect to hear singers/groups perform with their own vocals when they’re paying a lot to see them especially since some travel from far places for concerts unless the singer is ill or there is a valid reason for lip syncing.

However, the criticism was debunked with various other blinks coming to defend the girls.

Regarding Jennie’s wardrobe malfunction, fans had noticed that the top was coming undone; here are some of their comments,

“So what’s wrong if she’s out for second to fix her dress. If her boobs came out you also will jump and blame her. Lols sorry for my bad English. Haha”

“lol everyone acts as if she could do the dance movements ( which consists mostly of her jumping and moving hands ) with the possibility of her chest and breasts showing. ok then. yalls would create drama out of anthing.”

“Oh my god she is a woman, people. Lay off her for a moment. She definitely can’t flash herself in front of so many people. Be a little considerate. This was a wardrobe malfunction.”

“Actually Jennie’s clothes on her chest are open, and they may go out when her hands let go.”

“Y’all calling Jennie unprofessional while not really know the reason. I think her clothes had a problem and if it opened her cleavage might show or something else. She looked uncomfortable since the beginning.”

“If Jennie didn’t get her wardrobe malfunction ok then she would’ve flashed herself and u b*tches would create a bigger drama about her.  So just zip that big mouth of yours.”

About Lisa’s part and the lip syncing, fans who attended the concerts said there were backing vocals but the girls did sing live, here are some of their comments:

“Ummm I was at this concert, and they were most definitely not lip syncing.”

“ppl are saying this is lipsynced but you can obviously hear them singing over the recorded vocals so they’re not 100% lip syncing.”

“I was at the concert, she wasn’t lip syncing , the girls had the backtrack! You can clearly hear the girls voice if you were there.

Even after the song, she apologized for the problem that wasn’t even her fault smh people always find ways to hate on someone…”

Check out the video in question below:

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What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

Let us start with Jennie.

I am all in for criticism that is valid and within reason but when you start hating on someone for no apparent reason it becomes an issue with me.

Jennie was obviously uncomfortable, it would’ve been a PR disaster if she had had a nip slip or something of that sort, people would’ve eaten her alive. So doing what she did was only expected of her.

This video shows that BLACKPINK are obviously still rookies who haven’t struggled with many on-stage incidents. The difference between a veteran and a rookie is how they handle certain issues on stage plus loads of other things.

Jennie obviously could have handled it better so it doesn’t show; she was wandering and wondering what to do and didn’t take action fast. She still needs to work on herself, I have stated that before and I repeat it again. However, it’s not fair to flat out criticize her because it also has to do with her own dignity.

This should be a learning experience for her so in the future she can carry out smoother when something like this happens, also for the stylist, can you please make sure such things don’t happen?

Onto the lip syncing.

The video doesn’t paint a good picture in defense so I was critical at first. However, I read a couple of people comments and those who attended said they sang live so I will not keep pondering on that because I wasn’t there.

I am still critical of idols who lip sync in concerts and that’s a personal preference. If I am paying 100s of dollars to see someone then I expect to hear them sing not lip sync through the mic, I feel cheated if they do.

If it’s because of a dance break then I don’t obviously expect them to sing, also if they are sick, I also don’t expect them to give 100%. But out of respect for the fans, you ought to give your all and sing live even if your voice crack, it shows you’re trying and that you care to present who you are. I am not just attending concerts to see idols faces, I know some do but it’s not me, I am not that shallow.

BLACKPINK, as a group and performers still have a long way to go before I can personally say they slay the stage. In Coachella, I felt that they performed amazingly but it brought up the question of why sometimes they perform well while in other times they don’t. I don’t feel that’s professional.

However, this time is not it, this time I don’t see why people should be hating. This article is in defense of the girls so show it to everyone who is skeptic.

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  1. Look lemme be honest, I’m not comparing Jennie to any other idols but other idols would have tried their best to carry on, but she really just left the stage, I mean before leaving the stage she wasn’t even trying at dancing. I love Jennie but she gets treated so well from yg and blinks that they are to blind too see that she is spoiled!

  2. I’ve got no problem about this, what’s all the drama? What if you are Jennie in her situation right now? Lol, . For me, I can understand whatever is going on within this video. Its just a small thing. Why make it big? And the lip sync, it’s another story if they really lip sync bruh

  3. Dude, you aren’t thinking well at all. They said it’s uncomfortable. If you already know the choreo of that song, you know that they use a lot of hand movements. How will you dance well if your other hand is holding and protecting your dignity. (Which is her top) you get a life, and don’t speak like you know it. Like they said, there’s a room for improvement. If you so hang up to it. I’m not shocked if you got a lot of time in the world. Too much time makea you dumb.

  4. Here the mutha fugin tea i’m going to defend my princesses so let’s start. If my girl Jennie got off stage to fix her dress so her boobs don’t fall out in performance don’t make a big deal about it.if they were lip syncing it’s honestly ok because it’s a new song and they might have not learned the words fully yet. Hey over it sis it’s not the end of the world.

  5. Well, all the people who criticize her for “not carrying on” should first get their facts straight. Because she DID carry on during Kill this love – a song before Don’t know what to do. She decided to go off stage because clearly her wardrobe would magically repair itself. And she chose the best moment – when she didn’t sing during the song.

  6. I think Jennie should’ve been more professional with it. Even if she was in shock, since she’s Stoll a rookie, she could’ve known the formations more. She didn’t have to do the movements. She shouldn’t have made it seem so obvious. She could’ve blended in. Aside from that, she did a good job on stepping out of the stage and fixing her wardrobe.. Even aside from that even moreeeeeee, the fan boy that was singing the fan chants, I Stan him

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