HyunA Heavily Criticized For Posting Risqué Photos To Her Instagram

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In whats angering netizens today, we have HyunA to talk about, again!

On April 3, HyunA posted a couple of photos to her Instagram. In the photos, she was wearing a sexy top that shows her great body.

However, netizens criticized the photos she posted, some called her “cheap,” while others questioned her sanity.


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Here are some of their comments (source):

[+622, -51] She honestly looks so cheap

[+502, -38] She’s been getting weirder since dating E’Dawn, is she on drugs too?

[+408, -39] She looks like she’s on drugs

[+25, -1] Seriously looks like one of those prostitutes in the slums of America….

[+24, -0] Now those are fake

[+21, -0] She doesn’t look sexy at all. Her implants are way too big compared to her body.

[+20, -0] Hyuna fans always blamed Cube for her image being like this but who’re they going to blame now? Psy?

[+18, -6] You can get one like her for 80,000 won in the back alleys of Times Square in Shinsegye

On the other hand, some international fans love the look while others not so much. There are fans who also commented on her slimmed down body showing concern about her health.

What do you think of these photos? Do you agree with netizens?

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  1. i really don’t. not at all. why do people feel the need to go and try to bring her down? of course they’ll say she “looks like a prostitute,” because i guess that’s just what you say when you want to shame a woman. it isn’t right.

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