HONEYST Announces Disbandment


FNC Entertainment boy band HONEYST is disbanding!

On April 26, FNC Entertainment released an official statement announcing the band disbandment. The band debuted in May of 2017 but will be disbanding as a band two years later.

In their official statement FNC Entertainment explains that there were differences in opinions between members and how to manage the team, after discussions, it was decided the group would disband.

FNC Entertainment also explains the members will be active as individuals from now on in various fields in music and acting.

The agency closed their statement thanking fans who supported the group and apologizing for bringing bad news to all those who supported them.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I have never heard a bad song by an FNC band, I love love their bands.

I was going to start listening to HONEYST because I know FNC bands have great songs but never found the time, its sad that they disbanded two years later.

Competition in South Korea is hella fierce, even some of the big three groups are struggling, it’s getting harder day by day.

Also, bands aren’t really that popular with the international community as much as dancing boy groups. Its sad but it’s the truth.

I wish the members all the best!


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