EXO Contracts Not Expiring In 2019? Chen Shocks Fans With The Real Answer


About a month ago, rumors spread that D.O. was not renewing his contract with SM Entertainment this year.

EXO-Ls panicked when hearing the rumors but thankfully, SM Entertainment stepped up to clarify that these rumors were false promising an official statement to fans soon.

Another representative from the agency clarified that there is a lot of time left on their contracts.

So where did the confusion come from?

Most idol groups sign contracts for 7 years with their agencies, when the second renewal negotiations come some idols choose to pursue a different path and some end up leaving the group, sometimes, the agency decides with the group members to disband the group if every member has a different path in mind.

EXO has recently celebrated their 7th year anniversary, which is why many fans feared that some EXO members might leave the agency and/or the group.

However, it seems that Chen has put a rest to those fears with his recent appearance on MBC “Radio Star.”

Chen recently debuted as a soloist and had made a guest appearance on the popular variety show. The MCs asked him if its time for their contract renewals, Chen answered,

“There is actually a lot of time left for the contract. There is about 3 years left.”

Chen also explained that the members are now having fun promoting as part of the group not stressing over or worrying about contract renewals.

Check out the clip where he talks about it below:

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This calmed EXO-Ls hearts, they’re glad that there is more time left on the group contract.

In other news, EXO’s eldest member Xiumin announced he plans on enlisting on May 7.

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