BTS Makes It To TIME Magazine “100 Most Influential People Of 2019” List


BTS has finally made it to the list!

On April 17, TIME released their annual list of 100 people who are considered the most influential “pioneers, leaders, titans, artists and icons” in the world.

BTS made it to the artists’ section alongside other artists such as Rami Malek, Ariana Grande, Brie Larson, and others.

Halsey wrote their entry for the magazine’s list,

“How exactly does one accomplish world domination? Surely it takes remarkable talent, charm, kindness, altriuism, and dedication. But you’d still be missing a key component: a devoted community to uplift your efforts, soften your stumbles and shoot light from their eyes into the sky in your name every single night.”

BTS had previously topped the reader poll for the second year in a row.

Congrats to BTS!


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