BTS Is The Only Act Since The Beatles To Achieve This Record On Billboard 200 Charts 

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BTS is enjoying great success with their latest album release “Map Of The Soul: Persona.” 

On April 21, Billboard announced the group newest release debuted at number one on the famous top 200 Albums Chart, this is the 3rd time the group lands at the number one, they had previously done so with “Love Yourself: Tear,” and “Love Yourself: Answer. 

BTS has broken so many records with their recent achievement, they’re the first Korean artist ever to top the Billboard 200 Albums Chart with three different albums, it took them less than a year to achieve this feat.  

This also means that they’ve become the first traditional music group since the Beatles (back in 1995-1996) to top the Billboard 200 Albums Chart in less than a year. 

The last time this was done was by the legendary group the Beatles with their three albums “Anthology 1,” “Anthology 2,” and “Anthology 3” which all debuted at No. 1 between December 1995 and November 1996. 

“Map Of The Soul: Persona” earned a total of 230,000 equivalent album units during the week ending on April 19, which is BTS best-selling week to date.  

This adds to other happy news, earlier this week BTS became the first Korean artist to top UK’s official albums Chart, the album also debuted at number one. 

The rankings for Hot 100 will be released on Tuesday (April 23rd). 

Congrats to BTS on another amazing achievement! 

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  1. This is completely unsurprising. Honestly, I prefered the choreo to the song, and (don’t yell at me) I sincerely believe that BTS is *very* similar to the Beatles. I’ve watched a documentary on the Beatles, and I was completely shocked because they had such a similar vibe BTS. They are both very handsome, male groups who have talent. Both of them come from small companies/managers. But most importantly, the main reason they are both so popular, is the synergy, or the energy all of the members have together. It is obvious that they are actual humans, have flaws, make mistakes, and really have fun when they perform. They are quick to react, and have very defined personalities. They have relationships with the other members, that make them so close, and so amazing.

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