“Boys Over Flowers” Ku Hyu Sun And Kim Joon Reunite 10 Years Since Drama Aired

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2019 is shaping out to be a great year for kdrama fans.

Who can believe its been 10 years already since “Boys Over Flowers” aired its last episode? The beloved series turned 10 this year, it had aired its first episode back in January of 2009.

On April 3rd, Kim Joon shared a sweet selfie with Ku Hyu Sun, in the caption he wrote,

“How long has it been? You’re still the same.”

It seems that the two actors have reunited recently and enjoyed tea together.

Ku Hyu Sun played the leading role in “Boys Over Flowers,” while Kim Joon played one of the infamous F4.

Since then a lot has changed, both actors are now married. Kim Joon had recently shocked his fans announcing he had been married and is a father to a sweet daughter while Ku Hyu Sun married her “Blood” co-star Ahn Jae Hyun back in 2016.


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