BTS newest hit track “Boy With Luv” music video is ascending into new heights with each passing minute!

It is believed that “Boy With Luv” is the fastest YouTube video to reach 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 million views according to various YouTube stat website counters. However, there is no official confirmation from a YouTube source so far.

On April 13, “Boy With Luv” lost 10 million views as YouTube deleted some of them, they later explained the reason for the deletion of views through their official Twitter account.

Despite the setbacks, “Boy With Luv” was able to regain the 10 million views quickly and has now surpassed the 100 million views.

By April 14, 07:38 am KST “Boy With Luv” surpassed the 100 million views. They achieved this feat in 1 day, 14 hours and 15 minutes.“Boy-With-Luv”-100-Million-Views.jpg

Thus, “Boy With Luv” broke the record recently set by BLACKPINK. The massive hit track “Kill This Love” achieved 100 million views in two days and 14 hours.

If the views aren’t altered by YouTube system this could well mean that “Boy With Luv” is the fastest music video on the platform to reach 100 million views.

Congrats BTS!



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