Blinks Disappointed After Seeing BLACKPINK Comeback Tracklist?

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On April 1st, BLACKPINK finally unveiled the full track list of their upcoming mini album “Kill This Love.”

The album will include a total of five tracks including: Kill This Love”, sub-title “Don’t Know What to Do”, as well as “Kick It”, “Hope Not”, and a remix of “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

As previously stated, YG producer Teddy is behind the title track but it was also revealed through the tracklist that he is behind all the remaining tracks. They have been written, composed and produced by him again.

He is the producer of BLACKPINK hit tracks in the past as well.

However, the announcement came bittersweet to some fans who had hoped to see the group coming back with a full album. BLACKPINK are approaching their 3rd year anniversary.

Here are some of disappointed BLINKs comments:

How about they hire another composer and give them a full album? A huge company relying on just one dude sounds so funny and sad at the same time

4 new tracks? So now they have… 13? In almost 3 years?

did we really need a d4 remix? honestly..

Wow… Only 4 songs? When will they have a full length album? Why bother making a dddu remix when there are tons of them on youtube

It’s been 3 years and they still dont have a proper album. Well congrats on reaching the double digits I guess…..

On the other hands, other BLINKs are asking people to be patient and are celebrating the girls return.

Regardless, the fandom plans on supporting the girls fully when they make their comeback soon.

BLACKPINK will make their comeback on April 5th at midnight KST.

How do you feel about this?

My personal thoughts

I kinda feel sorry for the fans and the group as well. Each member worked so hard to debut, I bet they wanted to release more content to fans.

IF YG was struggling or a struggling upcoming label, I would be bashing the hell out of everyone who keeps demanding a full album. It costs a lot to get good songs.

YG makes millions in revenue each year, they can afford to hire a team to cater to BLACKPINK specifically. They’re a group that could use a bit more practice but still has potential to be HUGGGEEE.

An idea crossed my head as I am writing this. If something happened to Teddy, what will they do?

From a business point of view there is a famous quote that goes ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ However, that seems to be what YG Ent. Is doing placing the responsibility of making songs for BLACKPINK on Teddy. In business you should NEVER EVER depend on one source and one source only.

I bet there is a good reason behind the marketing strategy, people don’t make decision ‘just because,’ there is always a reason behind it.

I just hope that they know competition is tough within the Kpop scene in South Korea and people are used to more content from groups, for longevity you need to present content to fans regularly so people don’t end up leaving the fandom or losing interest due to inactivity.

I know YG is more than capable of getting talent on board to produce songs for BLACKPINK. I bet some would kill to have the chance to produce a song for them. He spent millions making BLACKPINK, would it kill for the agency to allow experimentation? Its YG after all, they can experiment, it won’t kill BLACKPINK.

It feels like they’re being extremely cautious with every track they give the group.

Its not the worst marketing strategy to make a group sort of ‘exclusive/out of reach’ but it also creates distance between fans and the group. This strategy is a double edged sword, I don’t know if YG can handle it. Only time can tell!


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