BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” Takes Over Ariana Grande “Thank You, Next” As The Biggest YouTube MV Debut In 24 Hours

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Its official, YouTube has just confirmed something very big!

Previously, I reported that BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” surpassed the 49.9 million views in the first 24 hours; we have been waiting for an official confirmation by YouTube to back up the numbers.

The real-life numbers you see on a YouTube video that has a lot of traffic aren’t always the real values, that’s because YouTube needs to verify that the views are real and accurate not bought.

YouTube says,

“To verify that views are real and accurate, YouTube may temporarily slow down, freeze, or adjust the view count, as well as discard low-quality playbacks.”

On April 8, KST YouTube confirmed that BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” officially has the biggest music video debut on YouTube. It reached 56.7 million views within the first 24 hours breaking Ariana Grande record that was set with “Thank You, Next.”

Ariana Grande “Than You, Next” had the biggest debut with 55.4 million views until BLACKPINK released “Kill This Love.”

This also puts BTS’s “IDOL” at the third place with 45.9 million views.

The happy news doesn’t stop there, Billboard was also able to confirm through YouTube representative that “Kill This Love” had the best-ever music video YouTube Premiere event.

“We can confirm BLACKPINK’s music video for ‘Kill This Love’ set an all-time record for the biggest YouTube Premiere with over 979,000 peak concurrents.”

YouTube Premiere is a new feature that allows video creators to schedule their video for a specific release; the video can be watched as if it’s a live video when it premieres.

Congrats to BLACKPINK on such an amazing feat and special shout out to all BLINKs who worked hard to stream correctly and break a worldwide record!

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