BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” Is One Of The Most Viewed Music Videos In The First 24 Hours

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BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” has been out for 24 hours and the MV has surpassed the 49.9 million views.

Of course, this is not the official YouTube numbers since the algorithm will adjust the views as they did with BTS “IDOL” MV.

BTS “IDOL” has held the record for the most viewed Kpop MV in the first 24 hours with 45.9 million views according to an official source from Youtube. However, when fans had initially checked the number of views 24 hours later, the MV had surpassed 56 million views but that was before about 10 million views were deducted, YouTube explained that they deleted bot views, etc.

It is unknown what the final number will be since we must wait for YouTube to confirm the official number, but if the views count in the screenshot above is the official count this means that BLACKPINK has broken the record for the most viewed Kpop MV in the first 24 hours overtaking the record held by BTS “IDOL.”

This will also make “Kill This Love” also the second most viewed music video on YouTube platform, the number one most viewed music video record is held by Ariana Grange’s with “Thank u, next” with 55.4 millions.

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