AOA Hyejeong (25) and rookie actor Ryu Ui Hyun (19) confirm they are indeed dating!

On April 8, a news outlet reported that Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun have been dating since last December after meeting through their web drama “Can Love Be Refundable?”

The source also says that the two have been open their relationship and enjoyed dates out in the open around Gangnam District and many other places. According to the source, the two didn’t mind introducing each other to their friends as lovers.

In response to the report, Ryu Ui Hyun and Hyejeong agencies confirmed the news.

FNC Entertainment told news outlets,

“We will give you the official position regarding Shin Hyejeong’s relationship that was reported today.

They got to know each other while filming their drama last year and have been seeing each other since early this year.

Thank you.”

Ryu Ui Hyun agency also released a similar statement to FNC Entertainment.

Ryu Ui Hyun is a rising actor who gained fame through the web drama A-Teen, he recently confirmed his appearance for the second season of the web drama.

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