Park Yoochun has been adamant about denying the drug charges against him even after it was revealed that he tested positive for Philopon.

Previously and through his lawyer, he continued to claim he’s innocent despite the test results, the lawyer had previously stated they’d be looking into ways to confirm why he tested positive when he didn’t use drugs.

On April 29, the Narcotics Unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency revealed that Park Yoochun admitted to most of the charges during his questioning on the morning of April 29.

The police haven’t revealed what he denied and what he exactly admitted to in regards to the drug charges against him.

Park Yoochun was arrested on April 26 on the suspicion of purchasing 1.5 grams of Philopon with his former girlfriend/fiancé Hwang Ha Na (on three occasions) and injecting the drugs five times.

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