YG Entertainment stock price has been the topic of discussion for a while, ever since Seungri controversy the stock price has been declining and it hasn’t been able to rise back to its original price before the controversy was reported on. 

YG Entertainment is also going under special tax evasion investigation and the news also hit the stock price even more.  

In South Korea, even the smallest happenings in an entertainment company can heavily influence its stock price.  

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Today on March 25, the agency dropped the first comeback teaser photo of its only girl group, BLACKPINK. The stock price rose after the announcement, reaching a high of 37,000 won (approx. $32) which is about a 5% increase. 

BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” will be released on April 5.  

Anticipation for BLACKPINK’s comeback is at an all-time high, many are on the lookout for how will the group do in the midst of the current turbulent time its going through.  

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