MOMOLAND Yeonwoo has revealed something that every idol/celebrity has struggled with at one period in their lives. She revealed that she is still paying her debt to her company.

Yeonwoo was the latest special guest of SBS variety show “Village Survival, The Eight 2.” In this episode, there was another mystery they had to solve; the prize of winning was 10 million won (~$8,900).

When she was asked what she’d do if she won the cash prize, she revealed,

“I still haven’t received any earnings since I made my debut. So that 10 million won would be my first earnings.”

Yoo Jae Suk explained what Yeonwoo meant by it, idols usually are indebted to their companies that pay for all expenses while they are trainees, idols have to pay back their agencies after they debut and it seems that MOMOLAND still hasn’t paid back all of their debt.

With a smile on her face she added,

“Every day I spend in a pile of debt.”

She also explained they are still cautious on what they can eat, adding their allowance for food used to be 7,000 won (~$6) but has been raised to 10,000 won (~$8.9). She added she’d love to eat beef because it had been 6 months since she last did.

Fellow celebrities sympathize with her, many of them faced the same hardships when they were starting out, this is why some suggested letting her win.

Check out the clip where she talks about it below:

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