Everything Every New Fan Of TXT Yeonjun Needs To Know| Yeonjun Profile, Facts, Age, Height, Etc.


TXT is Big Hit Entertainment newest boy group and their first since 2013 global stars BTS. They made their debut on March 4 with “The Dream Chapter: STAR.”

But who is Yeonjun? are there any interesting facts about him?

Here is everything you need to know about TXT’s Yeonjun:

Birthdate: September 13th, 1999 (Age: 19 years old)

  • He is the eldest member in the group and the only one born in the 90s.
  • He was the first of his group to be introduced to the public. He was revealed on January 10th, 2019.
  • His name went viral immediately after the reveal on Twitter.
  • He is suspected to have been a former CUBE Entertainment trainee.
  • He trained the longest in TXT, he trained for a total of four years.
  • Yeonjun said the most difficult part about training for so long is wanting to debut but having to wait.
  • During their debut showcase, Yeonjun talked fondly about BTS, he said

“BTS sunbaenims are like the sky to us. While we were recording, they told us they would talk about us during their award speeches and they had even mentioned us at the ‘Grammy Awards.’”

  • Yeonjun dreams for TXT to be able to hold a concert in the near future.
  • Yeonjun created TXT hand logo.
  • For his special charm, Yeonjun says his diligence is his strength point.
  • He did a commercial for a ramen brand.
  • He is the energizer of the group.
  • His blood type is A.

Are you a fan of Yeonjun? Is he your bias in TXT?


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