TXT is Big Hit Entertainment newest boy group and their first since 2013 global stars BTS. They made their debut on March 4 with “The Dream Chapter: STAR.”

But who is Beomgyu? Are there any interesting facts about him?

Here is everything you need to know about TXT’s Beomgyu:

Birthdate: March 13th, 2001

  • He is the last member to have been revealed by his agency, he was revealed on January 20th, 2019.
  • He is from Daegu similar to BTS’s Suga.
  • He is a student at Hanlim Multi-Arts School.

  • Beomgyu is a huge fan of BTS. He says that whenever he run into them at the agency, his heart trembles and he becomes nervous.
  • Beomgyu is working on songwriting but he says he still needs to practice well to be able to contribute to songs in the future.
  • Beomgyu is the mood maker of the group, he cheers the members with his endless energy.
  • He speaks in a dialect since he’s from Daegu.
  • Beomgyu is the only TXT member who’s blood type not A, his blood type is AB.

  • Beomgyu trained the shortest in all of TXT members, he trained for a total of two years.
  • He is close with FAVE Entertainment trainee Lim Jimin.
  • He can play the guitar.
  • He is shy and quiet but once he warms up to people he won’t stop talking.
  • He is 179 cm (5’10”)

Are you a fan of Beomgyu? Is he your bias in TXT?