Sunmi Tweets About Harming Oneself, Sends Her Fans Into Panic Mode For A Short Period

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Sunmi has fans worried about her health and wellbeing for a while now.

She recently broke down in tears during a V Live broadcast, fans were so worried about her and asked her agency if she was well.

The issue grew bigger prompting the agency to release a statement assuring fans she was doing fine.

However, on February 28 she posted this tweet that sent her fans (for a short period) into panic mode, she said,

“Recently many people started to harm theirselves to get attention and likes. So do I.”

Fans got extremely worried about her after this tweet, many reaching out and offering their help, others advising her to seek help if she needs it.

10 minutes later she returned with another cryptic message, she wrote,

“I feel like it’s IRONIC that the person who wants to get the most attention is talking about SNS.”

The second tweet puzzled fans, no one understood what she was referring to, a past lover? a hater? a sasaeng?

10 minutes after that she returned with a tweet that calmed fans hearts down, she wrote,

“I’m talking about the NOIR.

My mind is stable and healthy. Thanks.”

Thankfully, it turns out she was quoting her upcoming song “NOIR” which is set to be released on March 4. Fans were extremely worried about Sunmi but were relieved to learn that it was a quote from her upcoming song.

The lyrics were still alarming, she followed with another tweet telling her fans not to take things too seriously, she said,

“Noir is not gonna be serious. Just sit back, relax & enjoy the show.”

Sunmi is one of 27 Kpop acts that are set to come back in March, competition is going to be

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