Sunmi Credits BTS As The Ones Who Paved The Way For Kpop In The US Not Wonder Girls


Sunmi had recently sat down for an interview with Billboard, the interview made headlines for one particular comment that got older and younger generation Kpop fans debating.

On March 28, Sunmi’s interview with Billboard was released. She talked about many things including her recent hit track “Noir” and her upcoming musical releases.

In one of the questions, she was asked:

“You’re one of South Korea’s most popular soloists but you got your start in the Wonder Girls, who also spent some time in the U.S. How have things changed?”

Sunmi answered: I can’t believe it. At the time, there was no section of K-pop on Billboard.

Billboard added,

“It’s partially because of the groundwork laid by you and Wonder Girls.”

Sunmi answered with a simple, “No, BTS.”

Her comment got mixed responses from fans, some loved how humble she is, others disagreed with what she said. There was also some who criticized her for saying that.

Older and newer generation Kpop fans started debating who really paved the way for Kpop in America. Some believe its BIGBANG, PSY, 2NE1 and most importantly Wonder Girls while others believe its BTS.

Sunmi received some backlash because of her simple comment; some netizens left horrible comments on her Instagram because she said “BTS paved the way.”

The netizens who left such comments were also criticized for hating on Sunmi for basically expressing her own opinion.

What do you think of what she said?

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