In ‘what did you just say?’ news, I have this thing to share.

A couple of days ago, YG Entertainment kick-started teasing for BLACKPINK upcoming comeback, Lisa was the first member to have her solo teaser photo released.

However, someone thought it would be a good idea to point something so useless that actually gained so much attention that it made headlines.

A twitter user wrote,

“Not gonna lie, this looks a bit fishy [tagged YG official twitter account”

In the photo attached to the tweet, the twitter user included Lisa’s photo and in comparison a promo photo of American’s singer XYLO for her song “I Don’t Want To See You Anymore.”

The two photos share a red backdrop and the two girls have somewhat of a similar pose, the twitter user thought it was ‘fishy’ enough and posted about it.

Soon enough, the tweet gained lots and lots of attention from fans and nonfans who called out the twitter user for their remark. It became a bigger deal when the singer XYLO responded with a single tweet that destroyed the twitter user.

She retweeted the twitter user original tweet and wrote,

“Lisa can do whatever she wants.”

Funny enough, singer XYLO is actually a huge Lisa fan and had previously expressed her love for BLACKPINK on twitter, Lisa is her bias. She shut down that account attempt to stir controversy out of basically nothing.

Fans defended Lisa and YG; they also sent their many sweet messages for XYLO for standing up for Lisa and shutting down that baseless accusation.

The twitter user in question has not only deleted their tweet but the whole account is no longer available, it is unknown whether the account was deleted by the user him/herself or if it was reported enough to be shut down.

Next time I pose in a red backdrop with a similar pose to Lisa and XYLO I will not share my photo, what if someone calls me out and says I’m plagiarizing? That would be disastrous.

BLACKPINK will return with new music on April 5 with “Kill This Love.”

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