On March 23 broadcast of SBS investigation program “The Its Know,” they covered the “Burning Sun” club incidents and talked in details about the identity of Madam Lin, who is the Taiwanese investor that owns 20% of the club shares.

During the show, photos of her and Ji Chang Wook were shown, leading rumors to start spreading possibly linking Ji Chang Wook to the entire controversy.

Fans were extremely distraught and upset by the report, they waited for his agency official response, in their response they denied he had anything to do with The Burning Sun controversy.

Producers behind SBS “The Its Know” also stepped up to express their regrets for including Ji Chang Wook in the show.

In their statement they explained that Ji Chang Wook was only used as a ‘device’ to explain Madam Lin many friendships with Korean celebrities, they explain,

“We found Ji Chang Wook’s photo in her SNS, and since he’s a public figure we didn’t have a separate mosaic [blur effect].”

Note: Korean broadcasting stations use mosaic effect to blur out faces of nonpublic figures to not violate privacy laws.

“We are not aware of any connection to Burning Sun and we regret that such controversy had risen,”

they added.

They also explained that there must’ve been a miscommunication between the production department and the computer graphics department.

They added that they didn’t mean to attach Ji Chang Wook’s name to the controversy once again.

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