Park Woo Jin Literally Runs Away For His Life From Sasaengs Chasing Him

A video of former Wanna One Member Park Woo Jin is gaining a lot of attention.

Park Woo Jin joined gugudan‘s Mina, MMA Artist Jung Chang Sung, and actors Park Ho San, Park Jung Chul, Hyun Woo, and Uhm Hyun Kyung for variety show “Law of the Jungle.”

He had been filming for his appearance in Thailand and had apparently concluded and was on his way back to his home. However, he was chased by sasaengs (obsessive so-called fans) at the airport.

In a clip that has gone viral since then, he can be seen surrounded by various female sasaengs, he looks around before rushing and running away to a secure area.

Check out the clip:

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Fans were not happy to see Park Woo Jin running away like this at the airport because of sasaeng who had no respect to his privacy, many left comments such as,


What shocked me was that the lady in blue immediately runs after him and was the fastest runner among the other sasaengs.. these type of fans are scary as heck

sasaeng need to get a life erghhh poor Woojin

As much as I’d like to laugh, it isn’t funny. Fans should the privacy of these celebs

Some people have big mental illness … Where are their parents? Someone should teach them to respect others and their privacy

What do you think of this?

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2 thoughts on “Park Woo Jin Literally Runs Away For His Life From Sasaengs Chasing Him”

  1. I know these idol need some space but fans are also humans.. they waited for him just to greet and see him while he just run away…if he is tired or something he should say it why just simply run off making others bad..


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