KBS’s main YouTube channel KBS World has taken drastic measures to wipe out all traces of Jung Joon Young who used to be a member of the cast.

The popular variety show has many international fans who reported a problem when trying to access clips or full episodes on KBS World YouTube channel.

There is a created playlist for the episodes of “2 Days & 1 Night” on the channel, however, if you hover over to the playlist the majority of the videos are private which means they can no longer be viewed by the general public.

Netizens heavily criticized the show and even demanded its abolishment because the show had brought back Jung Joon Young after his first scandal back in 2016 which was also about him illegally filming his then-girlfriend. The case was dropped back then and he wasn’t prosecuted.

He went on hiatus from the show but returned later in 2017. Netizens criticized the show for not looking thoroughly into the incident then and allowing him back in.

Previously, “2 Days & 1 Night” announced that Jung Joon Young was not only banned from ever returning to the show but also banned from appearing on all other KBS programs.

The show has gone on indefinite hiatus following the huge controversy surrounding Jung Joon Young.

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Fans are extremely upset by the hiatus of the show and furious with Jung Joon Young who caused the production staff and the cast members to stop working on the show because of his actions.

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