Rookie girl group ITZY has met their sunbae group TWICE at their dome concert in Tokyo on March 30.

The two groups met backstage and took a friendly photo together. It’s believed to be their first official photo together following the formation of ITZY.

ITZY showed up with custom made cards, each member had a card in their hands to root for TWICE.

Following the concert, ITZY held a V Live broadcast where they talked about their experience attending the mega concert in Japan. The girls talked about how it felt to see TWICE on a big stage, ITZY members had previously attended a couple of TWICE concerts in Korea.

Nayeon and Momo also held a V Live broadcast to chat with fans, they spoke about ITZY and the placards they had specially made for the concert.

Here are photos:

TWICE talking about ITZY:

ITZY talking about the concert: