GOT7 Jackson hard work will not pay off because of some netizens comments on one of his upcoming songs.

On March 18, GOT7 Jackson took to Twitter to announce the cancellation of his upcoming single titled “Faded.”

He simply wrote,

“’Faded’ will no be released. TEAMWANG, Let’s move on. Oxygen.”

He announced the release of an upcoming single titled Oxygen instead some time this April. Fans were sad to see this announcement.

But why did he suddenly cancel it? and why are people associating it with the ongoing controversy surrounding “Burning Sun” club?

Jackson had previously released a teaser video of the single and dancing women appeared, however, some netizens complained about those dancing women in light of the recent scandal taking South Korea by storm.

Seems that Jackson saw those netizen’s comments, and decided to drop off the release to avoid causing unnecessary misunderstandings. Fans are praising Jackson for his quick decision but they’re still upset a track they have been waiting for won’t ever see the light because it got unnecessarily attached to the huge controversy that’s shaking the Korean entertainment industry.

How do you feel about this?


  1. When I saw the teaser I knew there would be some people saying something about the women. though, I didn’t expect them to link it to burning sun. It makes me kinda sad ’cause he promoted this song for a month just to have it cancelled, hopefully he’ll release the song on an album if possible

  2. I Love Jackson & his music. I can’t imagine how disappointed he must’ve been in his fans. Linking him 2 sthg as atrocious as Burning Sun, means they doubt his character. They thk it’s sthg Jackson cud actually do. If not, linking him 2D scandal wud’ve been (beyond) far from their minds. Not even considered. Plus, it must’ve been so hard on him. Feeling as though he let down his agency w/all of d money invested in d song’s production, recording, and taping of d video/teaser – G O N E.


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