CNBLUE Fan Community Demand Lee Jonghyun To Be Kicked Out From His Group And His Agency

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Lee Jonghyun is the most recent idol to be linked to Jung Joon Young chatrooms.

Initially (on March 12), when reports of chatrooms that shared allegedly illegally taken hidden footage, discussing escort services and discussing criminal acts were published.

Netizens began to look for possible idols who were reported to be in those chatrooms. Choi Jong Hoon and Lee Jonghyun names came up because they had a close relationship to Jung Joon Young.

However, at first, Lee Jong Hyun denied his involvement through his agency; FNC even promised legal action against the false reports a couple of days ago.

On March 14, disgusting details of chatroom conversations between him and Jung Joon Young were reported by SBS News.

The report shared that Lee Jong Hyun received sexual videos of women in a one-on-one chatroom with Jung Joon Young, they both talked about women in a degrading manner.

On March 15, FNC returned with a second statement that infuriated fans. They wrote,

“We had no intentions of hiding the truth or covering up wrongdoings.”

The agency says he’s regretful and deeply apologizes to the fans and the members whom he disappointed with his actions.

The agency closed their statement with the remark that angered everybody, they said he’ll be more careful in the future, will reflect on his wrongdoings and accept all punishment for what he had done. They announced his hiatus. He’s now serving the military and will be discharged in March 2020.

This statement didn’t sit well with fans who think he deserves to be kicked out of his group for talking about women in such a degrading manner and initially denying the truth despite his involvement.

‘Deeply reflecting and feeling apologetic’ is not enough for fans of CNBLUE. DC CNBLUE Gallery released a statement on March 15 demanding the removal (not suspension) of him from the group and FNC.

The fan community says he disgraced his members with his actions and tarnished the reputation of CNBLUE and FNC Entertainment.

The fan community acknowledges that his level of involvement and illegal actions will be revealed through police investigation but considering all that has happened and the fact that the fandom is mostly composed of women, the fan community says they refuse to consume any of Lee Jong Hyun activities from now on.

They said,

“We cannot tolerate Jonghyun staying in the group and hurting the rest of the members’ image.”

FNC Entertainment has yet to respond to fans’ request. Some international audience shares the same sentiment after reading the horrific chatroom conversations while others think Korean fans are being too harsh.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

Guys… I am A HUGE CNBLUE fan, I love their music. I listen to FNC bands because I think they have amazing music so reading the chat logs disgust me.

As a Boice, I support their statement. Hear me out before you curse me out!

The fact that Jonghyun is comfortable enough to talk to Jung Joon Young like that about girls scare me. The fact that he seems to have had such a good relationship with him also freaks me out.

I don’t know the extent of his involvement nor do I want to speculate that’s not the point of me discussing my feelings here today.

The police will investigate him and if he’s accused of anything he’ll be charged, I won’t talk or speculate on that because I honestly don’t know what will happen next.

I am worried about the rest of the band members and I feel sorry for them because they are now entangled with all of this.

We’re already suffering. Personally speaking, I will never support his dramas or songs in the future despite the fact that I really liked him before all of this.

I cannot support a man who speaks about women with such disrespect. I am not a child and I know some men talk about women like that, personally, a real man wouldn’t talk like that about women, if you respect women you don’t do that.

There are fans or women in general who really don’t care even if their man speaks like that. If you’re okay with that, that’s your life, however, I don’t associate myself with any men if I find out they speak like that, idols or not. That’s my personality and it won’t change because he’s hot and an idol.

Even if FNC decides to keep him, I will not stream, promote or buy anything that has his name attached to it.

I know this will affect the rest of the members but as a human being and a woman knowing an idol I used to admire says and talks about women like that, I can’t and won’t support him anymore.

In my opinion, FNC is hella scared. They already reported that Jong Hoon left his band. I am sure FTISLAND is going on hiatus for now. CNBLUE is the biggest money maker for them, they’re stronger as four.

The reason why FNC says he’ll repent is that they’re afraid this will largely affect them. Also, what reflecting? The man is already in military and can’t do anything for one more year.

If he was outside and didn’t take on a project, I’ll think ‘ya, he might be repenting.’

AOA contract renewals are up. SF9 is not doing THAT well. N.Flying is now starting to do well. FTISLAND and CNBLUE were the ones who contributed the most to the agency (the idol side not actors and variety show stars), without them, FNC will likely struggle; it’s a huge financial loss. (In my opinion)

I understand the business aspect of FNC statement but since this is not a dating scandal or anything sort of easy or palatable, I don’t agree with their decision.

If FNC chooses to ignore the public request and more chat logs reveal worse things, I believe they’ll be digging their own grave.

Even if he did feel apologetic, if he stays with the band, I highly doubt netizens would support them anymore, netizens are hella angry right now and will likely remain so in the future, this is not an issue that goes away after a year or two. This is big!

By Jass K

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  1. ok when you reporters says international fans..
    could you specify if you also are counting on all western fans..
    . because for me as an OLDER fan I really seen a lot of boybands come and go .. and
    1. they do have sex ,even if their teenage fans seems to belvie everybody is virgin until marriage and they just do it 1 a year..
    2. the way ppl talk with friends can be harsh and women tend to do it to.. 3. if he did say stupied thing remeber still he is young and who has not done stupied thing in her 20th ..
    I think he is a great actor and a great singer..

    once again ppl being a arsehole is not a crime, neither is bad mannars .. and I dont get why every body in the family or band has to be affected, if there is a rapecrime Im sure there are laws to manage this.
    having one night stand is not a crime either or having just sex relitionships..
    maybe we in the West are not that chocked that famouse ppl who have lots of girls and boys throwing them self on them gonna make shit happens..

    yes we do got the MJ controversial going on in the west and metoo movement and R kelly and a lots lots of rappers.. and if playboy mansion could talk …..

    1. Thank you for your feedback, the article wording around international fans has been adjusted. I would like to clarify that I haven’t said EVERY international fan. I previously wrote ‘the majority’ because this was my conclusion after reading so many comments on many platforms and media outlets online.

  2. I think too that his career will stop because of this scandal, his image is totally destroyed, what’s the point of staying in the industry?
    Though I don’t agree with you about SF9, I think that they’re growing comeback after comeback and I truuuuly hope they’ll get the recognition they deserve. They do better than N flying for now, even if they didn’t get their first win yet.
    Hope the company makes the right choices

    1. I based my statistics on SF9 not based on my taste but chart overall performance. I don’t see them doing well on insitz charts. Personally, I think they are underrated and extremely talented. However, they are nowhere near doing as good as they could be

  3. I understand your sentiments. I am a woman too. I want him also to receive the punishment he deserve if proven guilty. However, I will still keep supporting him/CNBLUE because I believe in his/their TALENT. I want him to learn and change for the better that is why I will stay as a fan/BOICE and give him a chance. If I were in his shoes, I would pray and hope that someone would give me a chance too to change for the better and would appreciate my talent or my works despite the mistakes I committed. Also, everyone has there own bad side, (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston for example) but people still patronized their song their music. Im not saying they’re on the same level but I hope you get my point. I am a fan because I admire his talent. And as long as his willing to repent and change, I will keep supporting him.

    1. I totally understand your sentiment as well. I haven’t seen anything that suggest he’s repenting yet. Of course, he could change in the future. However, I personally believe that you support him through supporting his music and I honestly can’t differentiate the art from the artist. I think he’s talented and has a good voice, however, I don’t think I can look at him the same way.

  4. If he is already reflecting and repenting of what he’s done wrong and if he ask for forgiveness isn’t it only right to forgive him?i mean who are we to judge him?allow me to share verse from the scripture that says I the Lord will forgive whom i will forgive but OF YOU IT IS REQUIRED TO FORGIVE ALL MEN.let us give him the chance to repent and to make things right.if this will be our approach to everyone who made mistakes then its sad,because we all make sure we all have brothers if not male cousins we love dearly,what if this happens to them?would we still react the same,would we judge them and not give them time to repent?sure he’s done wrong let him take responsibilty for it but not to the point where we force him to stop what he’s good at or even ruin his future.this only gets big of an issue because he is an dont get me wrong i was disappointed in him too like big time.but if the guy is showing some remorse then let us give him the chance.

    1. The thing is people don’t know if he’s showing remorse because he’s already in the military and can’t do anything anyways. He will be discharged a year from now. the damage he has done to cnblue will haunt them forever. if you want to support him you can but personally speaking, I am out. I want nothing to do with him. I won’t say he should not be EVER allowed to make money acting or singing again but i won’t personally support his activities.

  5. We want him to stay..
    LeeJongHyun is not part of the controversial chatroom.
    He did not film nor upload. He only viewwd. And its too long ago na. He knew its not right that’s why he never did it again.
    Be openminded its normal for boys to talk about sex.. Even girls do it too..
    True Cnblue wants him to stay…

  6. I am not a person who always voice out my opinion specially on celebrity issues but for now I will brave myself to voice out my opinion on this. I am a huge fan of CNBLUE and JJY they are the few song artist that I really enjoy listening to because I am more into classics and country songs. My first reaction when I read about this scandal is pure disappointment then I feel disgusted and afterwards decided to bury all the poster, cd’s and mementos of them. Sorry but just like what Jazmine K says its hard to differentiate the art from the artist. As a woman I will never ever tolerate nor support anyone who disrespect woman on any level. A lot of personality in history contributed for us woman to be able to reach what freedom and status we enjoy now we are all aware back in the days how society had treated women before and now that we are more recognized and walk on equal foot with men why do let people like JJY and CNBlue LJY to degrade us in a manner that is so immoral and unacceptable. Yes we love their music, they are talented and we became fans because of that but I am not a person who will continue to support such music and talent knowing the kind of person they are. Forgiveness is for everyone and it should be given but do not forget forgiveness is given to those who remorse and intend to change. But as for people who are habitual offender do they deserve to be forgiven?

  7. Sorry, for someone who thinks rape is funny (Lee Jonghyun’s “lol”), this is not just a case of “poor judgement”. To not feel that this girl has been horribly wronged, and emote laughter is sickening! The only remorse any of these men feel is that of having their true selves being revealed.

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