Burning Sun CEO Lee Moon Ho shared his side of the story of all the ongoing scandals revolving around Burning Sun and Seungri in a 20-minute-phone interview with The Kyunghyang Shinmun.

His interview went viral and basically angered everybody, netizens were furious with the way he talked and what he said. International fans were extremely puzzled and furious by what he said as well. Let’s go through some of what he said during this 20-minute long interview.

He explained how he’s connected to Club Arena, he says the club was created because of him and he was the general director

“President Kang supported me. I set up the direction of Arena. Back then, I used to be the sales representative of Arena and met Seungri there.”

He also explains how he came to open Burning Sun, he had planned to be independent from Arena. He said,

“I own 20% of Burning Sun, Seungri owns 20%.”

He then proceeded to defend Seungri, he said,

“If this kakaotalk messages from 3 years ago are illegal, then aren’t all Korean men criminals?

It’s not even that prostitution actually happened, they had only joked about it.

I don’t know what happened in 2015. I am not even part of the group chat with Seungri that’s being discussed recently.”

That previous sentence infuriated netizens. Seungri is currently being accused of many crimes including providing sexual escort services to business partners/investors, illegal gambling, and most recently he’s under suspicion of tax evasion (according to a report by Channel A). He was also in the chatroom where Jung Joon Young shared hidden camera footage.

Lee Moon Ho also defended himself against rumors that women were being drugged at his club with GHB. He said,

“If there are such victims, why aren’t they reporting it to the police and only telling the press? If they filed a lawsuit in the current situation wouldn’t the perpetrator be locked up? They’ll be compensated and get legal punishment, why aren’t they suing?”

He talked about the assault incident that happened in the club he explained,

“I was not there when the assault happened and my drugs test results were questionable. Besides that, I have nothing else to be indicated for.

And I honestly, do you think that drugs (distribution) only happen in Burning Sun?”

Lee Moon Ho is currently being investigated by police on various charges including distribution of drugs and collaborating with the police.

Netizens reacted extremely negative towards the interview he’s done, some comments read,

“Bold words for a criminal.”

“Are they really turning all Korean men into trash like themselves?”

“This guy is really trying to take all Korean men down with him.”

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