Actress Jo Soo Hyang Reportedly Dating 20 Year Older Actor Park Hyuk Kwon

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On March 29, various media outlets reported that actress Jo Soo Hyang (28 years old) and Park Hyuk Kwon (48 years old) have been dating for two years despite their 20 year age gap.

The report goes on to explain that their relationship is wildly known among people working in the film industry. The two enjoy various dates in Jeju Island. Photos of the alleged couple have also been released online, they can be seen casually enjoying a date without worrying much about their surroundings.

In response to the reports, Park Hyuk Kwon’s agency stated,

“It’s hard to confirm since its the actor’s private life.”

Park Hyuk Kwon who was born in 1971, has been acting for a long time. He has appeared in many projects such as “Six Flying Dragons” and most recently the drama “Where Stars Land.”

Jo Soo Hyang who was born in 1991, has appeared in many projects over the years with her most recent appearance being in JTBC hit drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.”

The news garnered a lot of attention among netizens because of the actors’ huge age gap, some support the relationship while others called it ‘gross.’

What do you personally think of this?

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My Personal thoughts

I have seen lots of netizens comment on this subject and man some of them were extremely harsh.

I get it; the 20 year gap is A LOT. But they’re two adults and they can do whatever they want, so everybody need to chill.

Its not personally my style to date someone way older than me but I know people who don’t mind that. Besides, the two have been reportedly dating for two years, so it seems to be going fine for them.

I also like the agency’s response, so cool!

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  1. i personally think that it is gross dating somebody with a 20 year age gap but i’m not tryin to throw no shade here they are 2 grown adults they can do whatever pleases them

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