YG Entertainment lost the most employees in 2018, a data report for 2018’s Financial Supervisory Service and National Pension in Korea revealed.

The report takes a look at the highest turnover in four entertainment companies SM, YG, JYP and BigHit. YG Entertainment, as well as the overall profit and salaries of 2018.

Turnover means the number of employees who quit the company, the higher the percentage the more damage it does. A company with high turnover is a company that has a problem.

The Korean entertainment company with the highest turnover is YG Entertainment. The company employees about 360 people of which 138 left in 2018, they had a total of 38% resignation rate.

SM Entertainment follows at number two with 29% resignation rate, they employ 431 employees and 126 employees resigned in 2018.

The third highest is JYP Entertainment with 18% resignation rate, they employ 215 people of which 38 resigned in 2018.

The lowest of the four is Big Hit Entertainment; they employ 138 people, only 24 of which left in 2018. The resignation rate was only 17%.

The report also shows the average annual salary, Big Hit Entertainment has the highest average annual salary of the four companies with approx. $38,000. YG Entertainment is in second place with approx. $36,000, the third place goes to SM with approx. $34,000, JYP is the lowest average annual salary of the four with $32,000.

Big Hit Entertainment also had the highest amount of profits in 2018 with approx. $70 million, SM came in second place with approx. $47 million, JYP 3rd with approx. $26 million USD, and YG 4th with approx. $10 million.

What do you think of the report?

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