YG Entertainment Announced Second Group To Debut Following Treasure


YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk has shocked fans with his announcement a couple of days ago; he announced that there will be another group debuting following Treasure.

He announced the happy news to his Instagram on January 29, in a post that’s written in both Korean and English. This will be YG’s second group from “YG Treasure Box.”

Starting from January 30, YG Entertainment started revealing the six members of the upcoming boy group.


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The first member to be revealed was Ha Yoonbin.


The second member was revealed on January 31st, it was Mashiho. Mashiho is one of the most popular members who competed on the show; fans had hoped he’d make it to debut in Treasure.

Knowing now that he’ll debut in a group is making fans extremely happy.


On February 1st, the third member was revealed. Kim Do Young was announced as the third member, he’s a skilled dancer who has been a trainee of YG for the past three years.


The rest of the members will be revealed throughout the course of the next three days, the group name is also expected to be announced soon similar to how YG announced the winning group name after announcing all the members who’ll debut.

The agency hasn’t announced the debut date of any of its upcoming boy groups. Its still unclear when it’ll exactly happen, Treasure is expected to debut this year.

If YG debuts two boy groups this year, it’ll make it the first time in the company’s history. They’re known for being meticulous about their artists’ comebacks and debut which is why their artists take a lot longer to return with new music.

How do you feel about YG’s announcement?

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  1. i was first disappointed when revailed the treasure , and MASHIHO , didnt include..i was yeah right YG prepare for looks only not TALENT, bcoz there so many Trainee that are so Talented and yet they cant get debut. But now im Satisfied and my all friends that we shared the same BIAS , MASHIHO.. now we are hard core supporting the second group of YG whos MASHIHO where in.. Thanks so much..


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