Sasaengs Cause Havoc At The Philippines Airport, Endangering BLACKPINK, Themselves And Other


Things turned extremely dangerous at the Manila airport in the Philippines on February 1st.

The members of BLACKPINK arrived at the airport on February 1 to perform for a concert on February 2nd at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Philippines. People flocked to the airport to get a glimpse of the girls.

However, instead of it being a warm welcome, it became an extremely dangerous overcrowding situation of fans and sasaengs running to see the members.

When the girls arrived hundreds of fans swarmed the airport, some were shoving each other, others were climbing on cars, and running just to see the girls.

One twitter fan account wrote from the scene,

“-the road is blocked

-the car is stranded

-yalls phones and faces are pressed against them/their windows

-yall are only cheering for JENLISA


The crowding situation affected not only the members and the fans waiting but also other travelers who probably had no idea what was going on. The road was blocked because so many people ran to see the girls.

Other videos show people yelling JENLISA as the members exited the airport.

Thankfully, the members were able to get to their car safely but many noticed that the girls looked visibly upset and scared once they landed.

Fellow Filipino BLINKs expressed their disappointment when they watched the videos at the airport.

The scene was so chaotic, it is believed to be one of the worst airport arrival welcome for an idol group in the Philippines.

Check out some of the videos from the situation:

Here is a longer YouTube video of what happened:

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