Jung Ill Woo Dishes On His Friendship With Fellow Actor Lee Min Ho

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On February 17 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” actor Jung Il Woo appeared as a guest.

On the show, Jung Ill Woo opened up about his longtime friend actor Lee Min Ho. The two are known for being extremely close; they have been friends since they were in high school.

He talked about his friendship with the beloved actor and touched on how different they are from each other, he said,

“He and I have completely different personalities. The only thing that we have in common is our taste in food; we have the same taste in food.

At one point we tried to be considerate. I try not to do the things he doesn’t like and he tries not to do things that I don’t like.”

When asked what the other thing they have in common is, he said that they both don’t drink too often. He said,

“Min Ho doesn’t drink. I only started drinking a couple of years ago. Before, I didn’t drink either.

So he and I would go to cafes together, just the two of us. Nowadays, I drink a couple of glasses.”

He also talked about trying to get over their differences, he said,

“I didn’t understand him when I was younger. ‘I want to do this but why does he not want to?’ But not that I am in my 30s, I became considerate.”

The two used to go to different schools back in High School and their highs Schools were close to each other, but Jung Il Woo says that he knew about him already since he was really handsome, he said,

“Min Ho was famous when I was young, back in high school. He was glowing, he’s really handsome. I have known about him before I even met him.”

Both actors are born in 1987 and lived in the same neighborhood during their middle school and high school. It’s wildly known the two have been a serious car accident together back in 2006 that injured them both. Because of the accident, Lee Min Ho is currently serving as a public service worker.

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