JYP Entertainment’s new girl group ITZY is already breaking so many records!

On February 21 episode of “M Countdown,” ITZY was nominated with “DALLA DALLA” for the first place opposite MAMAMOO member Hwasa debut track “TWIT.”

ITZY scored 8,527 to Hwasa’s 7,882 which mean they won the first place and won their first EVER music show trophy.

ITZY now holds the record for the fastest girl group to get their first trophy, they broke IZ*ONE‘s record by 1 day. They debuted on February 12, 2019 and won their first trophy 9 days later.

The members all had teary eyes after the announcement; especially Ryujin who kept her hands to her face almost the entire acceptance speech and didn’t say a word, Chaeryeong was in complete shock after the announcement.

Leader Yeji thanked JYP staff, producers and Park Jin Young, she also thanked the makeup artists and the managers and their parents. Lia also delivered a short speech thanking everybody as well.

The record for the fastest group to win number on a music show is held by YG Entertainment group WINNER, they won their first trophy only six days with “Empty.”

After the happy news was announced fans took to twitter to express their happiness about it, #ITZY1stWin topped worldwide trends with more than 160K mentions, #DallaDalla1stWin trailed close behind at number four.

Check out their performance and their speech below:


Congrats ITZY!