ITZY Chaeryeong’s Mother Begs Netizens To Stop Criticizing Her Visuals

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ITZY’s Chaeryeong mother is very upset with the comments her daughter has been receiving, so much so that she had to post about it to her Instagram account to ask netizens to stop criticizing her daughter.

Ever since ITZY’s debut, Chaeryeong has been the subject of criticism for her looks, many criticized her calling her ugly. The comments became too overwhelming so the mother posted about it.
In an Instagram post, the mother wrote,

“You’re saying things too easily that could hurt Chaeryeong.

Yes. She just debuted. She is my precious child that I treasure more than anything else.

She might not be pretty in your eyes, so you come to every post, every stage video to comment things about her that puts her down, bully her and hurt her.

If she’d done something that deserves to be criticized, then you can rightfully do so. But you’re judging a 19-year-old appearance.

Every person’s charm are different, everybody’s style is different. I am so upset, sad and frustrated that my child is being criticized so much for her appearance.

Just…. do it inside. Chaeryeong is a kind well-mannered child. Please look after her. You don’t have to like her but please don’t hurt her. I beg of you!”

After the post made its way to the internet, fans of ITZY expressed their frustration with those who posted such hurtful comments. Many sent her encouraging messages assuring her she’s both pretty and talented.

You’re pretty Chaeryeong, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

Check out some of fans’ tweets:

“thank you for liking me even though i’m ugly” – lee chaeyeon

this is how chaeyeon thinks and i hate that she thinks that way bcos of what others think and now all those people saying chaeryeong is ugly, you’re also planting the same wrong thought in her precious mind

— nayeon and ryujin’s boo (@jaelikeys) February 24, 2019

chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty chaeryeong is pretty pass it on

— izone texts♡ (@izoneconvos) February 23, 2019

Chaeryeong’s mom left a comment on an article where people were hating and cursing Chaeryeong for looks…

“Chaeryeong is a nice child. Please look after her. Even if you don’t like her, please don’t hurt my child…”

these knetz need to fcking stop omfg

— 령 (◍•ᴗ•◍) #ITZY2NDWIN (@1tzy_) February 23, 2019

Chaeryeong is beautiful
Chaeryeong is talented
Chaeryeong is a great singer
Chaeryeong is hardworking
Chaeryeong is a great dancer
Chaeryeong is lovely
Chaeryeong is amazing
Chaeryeong is nice
Chaeryeong is pretty
Chaeryeong is caring
Chaeryeong is

— 🌺 (@twicepallete) February 23, 2019

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— `mark (@liajisuu) February 23, 2019

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  1. Who says she is ugly?
    In my eyes she is very pretty. I found all the ITZY members being very cute including herself. I speacially like her when she laugh.
    I think she is a doll.
    Come and show your real face who bully her!! Do you think you’re masterpiece ?
    Don’t joke around, Chaeryeong is really pretty….!!!

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