ITZY’s Chaeryeong mother is very upset with the comments her daughter has been receiving, so much so that she had to post about it to her Instagram account to ask netizens to stop criticizing her daughter.

Ever since ITZY’s debut, Chaeryeong has been the subject of criticism for her looks, many criticized her calling her ugly. The comments became too overwhelming so the mother posted about it.

In an Instagram post, the mother wrote,

“You’re saying things too easily that could hurt Chaeryeong.

Yes. She just debuted. She is my precious child that I treasure more than anything else.

She might not be pretty in your eyes, so you come to every post, every stage video to comment things about her that puts her down, bully her and hurt her.

If she’d done something that deserves to be criticized, then you can rightfully do so. But you’re judging a 19-year-old appearance.

Every person’s charm are different, everybody’s style is different. I am so upset, sad and frustrated that my child is being criticized so much for her appearance.

Just…. do it inside. Chaeryeong is a kind well-mannered child. Please look after her. You don’t have to like her but please don’t hurt her. I beg of you!”

After the post made its way to the internet, fans of ITZY expressed their frustration with those who posted such hurtful comments. Many sent her encouraging messages assuring her she’s both pretty and talented.

You’re pretty Chaeryeong, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

Check out some of fans’ tweets:

My Personal Thoughts

I do understand where the mother is coming from and what she means by it!

There are only two problems with her request, first, her daughter is part of the big three, second, she is part of one of the biggest rookie girl groups of 2019. This means that Chaeryeong inadvertently gets attention at all time. Her every move will be monitored by netizens.

I don’t think everyone who said she’s not pretty or ugly meant to hurt her feelings, some people might have just seen photos or videos and said this and went about their day without realizing how much a mother was hurting reading their comment.

Some people don’t realize the weight their words have on others online and some just say a thing to point out what they observed, of course, there are A LOT of haters who say shit.

I do understand what she wanted to achieve with this but it can have an adverse effect in my opinion, its already starting.

I haven’t personally seen a lot of netizens comment in Korean about Chaeryeong’s looks but now that her mother pled with the public even those who didn’t know her now do and some might not have pleasant words to share. Now her looks are written about in EVERY Korean news outlet.

I have seen so many ugly hurtful comments on Korean websites written and directed towards Chaeryeong and her mother, so many comments were mean.

What her mother just did can affect her image and it can bring more attention to her looks, which is the opposite of what she wanted.

Personally, I think Chaeryeong is so cute and pretty. However, knowing Korean beauty standards, I know she falls behind (not to the point some are saying) but to some degree especially since almost every single idol get something done on their face and a lot of them look a certain way.

Its their culture, its how the people think and you can’t change that. Koreans have this image of how the perfect woman should look and most of them agree on it, its unified, whereas in America for example, you find people with many different tastes and definitions of beauty. It differs by country.

I am a firm believer that if you can’t handle something you shouldn’t start it, I have seen netizens write something similar to what I just said on articles covering this subject as well.

If the mother is super sensitive or knows her daughter is, being an idol is probably something she should NEVER have allowed her to do. Not everyone can handle public pressure, this is why a lot of idols quit and never return, some just figure out they can’t handle it, hell even BTS was considering disbanding last year.

I know that there is no perfect way to find out if you can or can’t do something but finding out if you can handle the idol game or not is pretty easy in South Korea, just take a look at whats happening around you, also, there are many people you can ask around to see for yourself. It’s not super hard to obtain to a certain degree some concrete information. Even I (not idol) know its hell to be one and extremly restrictive.

I know I might come off a little harsh here but I am a realistic person, I sympathize with the mother a lot because I personally know how it feels for people to judge someone you love dearly online but still, I believe if you can’t handle something you shouldn’t put yourself in positions that subject you to it and then cry about it.

Just my two cents!


  1. Who says she is ugly?
    In my eyes she is very pretty. I found all the ITZY members being very cute including herself. I speacially like her when she laugh.
    I think she is a doll.
    Come and show your real face who bully her!! Do you think you’re masterpiece ?
    Don’t joke around, Chaeryeong is really pretty….!!!


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