Its Finally Jeon Somi’s Time To Shine, Solo Debut Confirmed For May

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Jeon Somi solo debut is happening soon!

On February 23, Korean media outlet SPOTV News reported that an industry insider says Jeon Somi’s solo debut is officially scheduled for May.

According to the insider, the debut track will be produced by Teddy who has composed numerous hit tracks for soloists and groups such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, Sunmi, BLACKPINK and others.

The source had claimed she’s already finished recording her debut track and is preparing to shoot the music video. The source also claimed that they’re still unsure whether it’ll be one single or a mini album.

Later, Jeon Somi’s agency returned with a statement to SPOTV News confirming the debut news, she will debut in May.

The statement confirmed Teddy is producing her upcoming single and that they have finished recording it and are preparing to film the music video. They’re unsure if it’ll be only a single or a mini album.

Fans are happy following the confirmation of her solo debut. This is the first official statement of her solo debut from her agency The Black Label.

She debuted as a part of I.O.I as the center and went on to promote as a soloist after the project group disbanded. She left JYP Entertainment last year and joined YG Entertainment sub-label The Black Label shortly after.

She has recently shared a photo with fellow The Black Label artist Zion.T hinting at her upcoming solo release. Fans are guessing that he’ll be featuring on her solo debut track, however, that hasn’t been confirmed by her label.


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My Thoughts

After fans showing concern over her future because of ITZY’s debut, she announced her debut date, cool! The date set will also build up anticipation, good marketing move!

I have heard two different opinions from fans. Some believe she’s capable of being a soloist while others argue she’s better fit for a group. I haven’t personally seen enough of her to judge that conclusively but I understand why she’d become a soloist.

Chungha’s success apart from I.O.I is something I doubt anyone had anticipated; she’s slaying with each comeback and has shown amazing stage presence and good songs so I understand why Somi would feel she can also achieve that.

She’s also in an awkward position, she has been a trainee for a while, she debuted and the project group disbanded, she debuted in another project group shortly and has been on so many shows. This means that debuting her as a part of a group is a risky move businese-wise because you risk the rest of the trainees becoming the ‘backup dancers.’

Nobody wants to work on a group for a while and then one overly qualified or popular idol coming in and getting all the spotlight, at least that’s how I view it from a business point of view. There are bound to be idols who get a lot of spotlight compared to others in the same group but having someone so famous enter an idol group that’s not as known or not even introduced to the public is bound to create division and favoritism.

I believe that if she had debuted with ITZY it would’ve become another ‘Suzy and the rest’ case.

Competition among groups are tough but its another level to compete as a soloist, groups are more popular. That doesn’t mean the Korean soloist promoting right now suck but groups do way better than soloists which is why a lot of idols no matter how talented debut as a group first then venture out to solo activities.

Somi can try and see her if she can make it. There is a good chance her single will do well since Teddy worked on it. This guy produced so many hit tracks over the years, Jennie’s Solo is his latest good track, he composes tracks that are catchy and easy to listen to so I have no doubt people will like it.

With the rise of indie Korean solo singers and idols who become soloists after leaving their groups the market is growing in that direction. If Somi has been practicing and works hard on her songs there is a good chance she can succeed.


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