FTISLAND Lee Hongki is known for being a savage in the industry, he took that savageness to a whole new level when a netizen took a jab at SF9 and the whole Kpop community.

On February 20, Lee Hongki posted a snapshot of his hoobae group SF9 upcoming release, he was showing his support for the group wishing them the best for their upcoming comeback. SF9 and FTISLAND are both part of FNC Entertainment.

One netizen left a comment on his post, the netizen wrote,

“Rainbow neon colored hair, gay-like expressions, acting cute, makeup= boy groups nowadays.”

Lee Hongki didn’t take kindly to the rude comment that ridicules SF9 and the entire Kpop community, he wrote back,

“Private account, anonymous, no confidence, complaints = attention whores including you.”

Kpop fans loved his response, its something that Kpop fans have to deal with usually because a lot of nonfans usually write similar comments aimed to degrade Kpop idols.

What do you think of his comment?