Former INFINITE Member Hoya Suddenly Announces His Sudden Military Enlistment

Hoya (real name Lee Howon) has shocked fans with sudden military enlistment announcement.

On February 5, Hoya posted a handwritten letter to his official fan café, in the letter he explains that he’s enlisting on February 7.

In the letter he announces his sudden military enlistment after the Lunar New Year holiday, he apologized to his fans who will be taken back by the news.

In the letter, he wrote,

“In fact, today I am writing this letter to tell you a bit of a sudden news. I will be enlisting after this holiday.

I am sorry to all my fans who are surprised by the news that I am leaving in a short time.

But as a citizen its my duty, so I will spend it well and try to become a more mature person than I am now.

I wish you all a happy time while waiting for me. I’ll be back healthy. When I meet you again, I’ll greet you as a better person.

Thank you always, Love you.”

Wishing you all the best Hoya!

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